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Polyamide Window Casement
Working as in the same principle as a resin casement window, the polyamide frame olds the casement with an open out fixing. The hinge used for this system is a side or top hung hinge.

Unlike having a resin filled-break, this profile has a polyamide bridge from one aluminium section to the other, drastically reducing conductivity from one side to the other.

Unlike the other systems, as well as having the bubble gasket around the casement edge, there is the option of having a central gasket for added weather protection.

There is the option of having the casement internally beaded or externally, depending on the security level required.

Aluminium Windows add a distinctive look to homes of any age or style. The elegant, slim line, maintenance-free frames - with attractive Soft line profiles that combine traditional looks with the best modern materials - will make your rooms lighter and brighter.

The double-glazed aluminium windows are thermally insulated using appropriate low emissivity glass (low E) to comply with the new Part L Building Regulations and are designed to minimise heat loss. They reduce external noise and help eliminate draughts. With their inherent strength and our special locking systems, you will feel comfortable and secure.

There are a multitude of construction materials available, and when you decide to build or renovate, you will have to make a choice from among all kinds of different possibilities. However, with aluminium you know exactly what you are choosing: an outstanding and exceptionally strong material that is suitable for every building.
Aluminium Windows
Aluminium Windows
  • Aluminium has a long useful lifespan
  • It is not damaged by UV rays or moisture, and does not rust, rot or bend
  • Aluminium is maintenance-friendly
  • Due to its smooth, shiny finish, it does not attract dust and sand
  • Aluminium is safe and non-flammable
  • Due to its strength it is resistant to breakage
  • Aluminium is environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible
  • Fully recyclable, and the recycling uses up less energy
  • Aluminium is a light material, making it easy to apply
  • Aluminium has an outstanding price/quality ratio
  • Aluminium guarantees optimal air, water-and windtightness
  • Aluminium has an outstanding thermal insulation factor
  • An aluminium window insulates against both cold and heat, and meets all legal requirements with regard to energy efficiency
  • Aluminium offers optimal acoustic insulation
  • Aluminium profiles are able to integrate without difficulty wide glass thicknesses, which are important in order to protect against noise nuisance
  • Aluminium is available in a rich variety of colours
  • Aluminium is suitable for a wide range of styles
Whether you are thinking of new construction or renovation, aluminium has countless advantages:
Whether you are thinking of new construction or renovation, aluminium has countless advantages:
Our Tilt and Turn system allows users to open the casement in two seperate methods. One method being opening the top half of the window so that the top part of the casement tilts inwards. The other method being the casement opening in like a normal window.

All hinges are concealed within the frames so nothing is exposed on either side of the frame. The locking system used is based on gearing around the fram so mushroom locks are spread out throughout the framing.
Polyamide Tilt &Turn Window System
Polyamide System

This system has three main principles to its design, firstly is its performance. The system has been designed in a way so that minimum conductivity is created between the outside and the inside surfaces, having the polyamide between the two, conductivity is substantually decreased it.

The polyamide thermal bridge is from 30-34mm, which large in itself to reduce conductivity. The beading used can come in two types, a square bead, or sloping bead, to reduce accumilation of dust and water.

Second design principle is that it is very durable. The life span of the system will last many years without the need of a replacement. With regular maintanance, like any other window and door system, the mechanics would function as long as the profile itself.

Lastly, the overall look of the system is of a clean and stylish finish. With the polyamide system, there is the option of having a dual colour painted where the inside colour is different to the outside.
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